Chapelle Ste-Agnès Vineyard: This one-of-a-kind vineyard owned by Westmount antique dealer Henrietta Antony makes worldclass ice wines that have won some of the planet's most prestigious spirits competitions. Located on the west pass into the insanely beautiful Glen Sutton valley, the site also boasts an extraordinary stone chapel built in the Romanesque style by the Czech-born Antony in honour of Saint Agnès. Offer samples and tours. Call in advance to book an appointment to visit the store or arrange a guided tour or sampling session. Last visited: not yet, but I wanna! Address: 2565 route Scenic, Glen Sutton, Qc., tel.: 450-538-0303, website:

Clos Saragnat: This is the personal vineyard of the legendary, award-winning Christian Barthomeuf, one of the pioneers of viticulture in Quebec and creator of its first ice wines. The vineyard in charming Frelighsburg uses companion planting to improve plant health and no pesticides, tractors or heavy machinery. Rating: Awesome. Last visited: 2008. Address: 100 Chemin Richford, Frelighsburg, Qc., tel.: 450-298-1444, website:

Domaine des Côtes d'Ardoises: Christian Barthomeuf, one of the pioneers of viticulture in Quebec, helped found this celebrated Dunham vineyard, one of the few in Quebec to produce red wine. Last visit: not yet. Address: 879 route 202, Dunham, Qc., tel.: 450-295-2020.

Domaine Les Brome: Nice vineyard with stunning vistas and excellent reds, whites, rosés and ice wines. Offer samples and tours. Rating: Very good. Last visited: Sept. 2007. Address: 285 chemin Brome, Lac Brome, Qc., tel.: 450-242-2665, website:

Domaine Pinnacle: Family-owned apple orchard and cidery perched on the slope of Mt Pinnacle near Frelighsburg, a charming historic village named as one of the province's most beautiful villages by the Association des plus Beaux Villages du Québec. Last visited: not yet. Address: 150 chemin Richford, Frelighsburg, Qc., tel.: 450-298-1222 or 450-263-5835, website:

Hydromelerie les Saules: Honey wine and other honey products. Rating: Very good. Last visited: Nov. 2007. Address: 1135, Denison Est (route 112), Granby, Qc., tel.: 1-877-443-3403 or 450-372-3403, website:

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Jon said...

We ate at "La fine gueule" (300 Principale, Cowansville) for dinner one evening. We loved the atmosphere, and found the menu had decent variety. The specials of the day were excellent, service was attentive.

I must say something about our visit to Chapelle Ste Agnes (on the scenic route east of Abercorn). Apart from the awesome views along the road, the little entrance can be hard to see - but it is well worth the visit. We blundered in on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We missed their open hours, and they generally like people to call ahead - but the owner's son personally showed us around (they do have a per person charge). The grounds and buildings are beautiful - the little chapel being hand crafted by European artisans. There are many ancient antiques in the main building, and their wines are quite good. Different from your usual commercial winery - a real find.
By the way - thanks for your blog - awesome information!