Cabane à sucre du Pic Bois: This artisanal maple syrup farm and rustic sugar shack was ranked the second-best sugar shack in the province by La Presse. The maple syrup pie almost put me in a coma. I couldn't stop eating it, then I was seeing double. Tied with Gaby-Pierre for the best-tasting maple syrup products in the Townships, in my humble opinion. I will eat nothing else. Last visited: spring 2008. Rating: Awesome. Address: 1468 chemin Gaspé, Brigham, Qc., tel.: 450-263-6060.

De Winter Maple Farm: This maple farm is certified organic and sells syrup and gourmet products like maple vinegar and dressings, maple BBQ sauce, maple jellies and sugar, along with blackcurrant products. Last visited: not yet, but I wanna! Address: 420 Jackson, Sutton, Qc., tel.: 450-242-4287.

Owl Hoot Maple Farm: I love the name. This traditional farm uses horses to draw the sap and sells maple syrup, butter, sugar, jellies, candies and pies. Last visited: not yet, but I wanna! Address: 85 Ross Road, Stanbridge East, Qc., tel.: 450-248-3616.

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